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US Capital Energy and Government of Belize Taunt Supreme Court SATIIM file for Injunction

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Punta Gorda March 18th, 2014: On October 23rd, 2013, arguments ended in the case between SATIIM and the indigenous communities, and the Government of Belize. Justice Arana reserved judgment.

One would expect that a law-abiding and socially responsible company would suspend its activities out of respect for the Belizean justice system until a judgement was delivered. Not so with US Capital Energy. In fact, they continue to conduct themselves as though there are no claims before the Supreme Court of Belize. US Capital Energy, most likely with the blessing of the Government of Belize, has been working around the clock engaging in pre-drilling activities, which are part-and-parcel of exploratory drilling operations. These activities, from our view, continue to violate the National Parks System Act and the Rights of the Indigenous Communities.

SATIIM adjourned the injunction it filed in July 2013. This was because US Capital informed SATIIM and the Court that they would not drill until December 2013. As a consequence of letters to the parties associated with the oil contract requesting for information on the activities in the park, the Attorney General’s Ministry, in a letter dated February 10, 2014, informed the Court and SATIIM’s legal Counsels that no drilling will happen before March, 2014. The Attorney General was acting on behalf of the defendants named in SATIIM’s claim, including US Capital Energy.

US Capital Energy’s legal counsel said: ‘ Needless to say, though there is no injunction in place and your clients abandoned their injunction claims the company will not commence actual drilling unless the court allows it to’. The images we provide below are contrary to these claims and are another naked truth about the intentions of the parties associated with this oil contract. It amounts to a ‘Stop me if you can’ attitude.

In light of the increased pre-drilling activities by US Capital Energy, SATIIM and the communities have no other choice but to apply to the Supreme Court for an injunction. Court documents were filed on March 12th, 2014.

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