Community Based Sustainable Forest Project

In 2008, SATIIM, Conejo and Santa Teresa embarked on a historic initiative to engage in Community-Based Sustainable Forest Management Planning and Enterprise Developement.

Today, Conejo and Santa Teresa each has a Sustainable Forest Management and an Annual Operating Plan for their community forest.  Two community based enterprises have been registered, Rax Mu Q’iche in Conejo and Q’iche Ha in Santa Teresa.

The Conejo Community Forest Sustainable Management Plan has a 20 years cycle while Santa Teresa has a 25 years cycle.  The annual harvesting plots are 42.8 ha – 45.5 ha.  Both communities have been careful to ensure that potential environmental impacts are identified and mitigation measures developed as provided in the plan.

Pictures of community members along with SATIIM’s staff at work on Forestry Project!